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Pressure pipes made of PA 12 for gas

Our PA 12 pressure pipes can be used in gas supply applications. They are suitable for conveying flammable gases outside buildings in the high-pressure gas range. These are pipes made of polyamide (PA-U 12, Vestamid NRG 2101).

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  • polyamide (PA-U 12, Vestamid NRG 2101)
Versions & colour
  • single-layer solid-wall pipe
  • with smooth ends

  • yellow (similar to RAL 1018)
Internal operating pressure & temperature
  • up to 16 bar

  • up to 80°C
Outer diameters, SDR levels & lengths
  • 63 to 160 mm

  • 11

  • 6, 12 and 20 m bars

  • 100 m coils (up to outer diameter 160 mm), other coil lengths on request

  • longer lengths on drums

  • special lengths on request

  • Pallets, coils or drums
  • with protective caps

  • dimensions see here
Connection techniques & installation types
  • heating element butt welding ("mirror welding")

  • electrofusion welding ("electrofusion coupler welding")

  • other fittings in the welding process

  • open trench installation (with and without sand bed, ...)

  • trenchless installation (ploughing, horizontal directional drilling, ...)

  • optionally with location cable

  • with black meter marking

  • special marking on request

  • DVGW approval


Standards & guidelines
  • DIN EN ISO 16486
  • DVS 2207-16
  • DVGW GW 335-A6
  • DVGW G 472
  • KRV installation instructions for plastic pipe systems



+ suitable for gas pipes with an internal operating pressure of up to 16 bar

+ conventional connection methods

+ squeezing possible

+ laying without sand bed possible

+ trenchless installation possible using horizontal flush drilling and ploughing methods

+ reduction of construction time compared to other materials (e.g. steel)

+ no interference with traffic and less environmental impact due to construction site operations

+ network can be extended during operation by means of suitable fittings

+ corrosion resistant

+ highly resistant to cracking

+ environmentally friendly, as recyclable


Reality shows: you can't just plan pipes strictly straight ahead, you also have to think regularly around the bend! Optimal fittings for every requirement are therefore an integral part of our product range.

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Service & accessories

In addition to our high-quality products, we also offer a wide range of services and accessories. We are your partner in the areas of product development, digitalization, logistics and project implementation.

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