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Service quality through personal contact

All our planning and actions are geared towards you as our customers and your needs. We always want to meet these - not least through our high standards of service quality! Through our personal contact and decades of experience, we find the best individual solution together. In addition to our high-quality products, we also offer a wide range of services and accessories. We are your partner in the areas of product development, digitalization, logistics and project implementation.

Our service & accessories include:


  • Special samples
  • Statics calculations
  • Product testing with corresponding certificate documentation
  • Digital process optimisation (EDI links, barcode labelling)
  • Packaging management (customer-specific packaging forms (e.g. cardboard boxes, swap bodies, export timber, container loading), delivery on Euro pallets or in wire mesh boxes, drum rental)
  • Commissioning and transport services (optional telescoping, delivery with crane vehicles)
  • Project-related logistics systems (Kanban, integrated recycling concepts)
  • Rental of equipment (welding machines, insertion devices for plug-in socket)
  • Sale of other accessories (lubricants, adhesives, cleaners)
  • Construction site supervision


For more details and further offers, please contact us directly or read the following:


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