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Surface processing

The possibility of surface treatment in particular makes it possible to expand the range of applications for plastic pipes many times over. The function or character of the pipe can be fundamentally varied through the targeted modification of the surface. The material of the pipe can be made more resistant or more affine to other possible materials. In this way, a WKT pipe is individualised on the surface and ideally adapted to your application conditions.


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Reality shows: you can't just plan pipes strictly straight ahead, you also have to think regularly around the bend! Optimal fittings for every requirement are therefore an integral part of our product range.

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Service & accessories

In addition to our high-quality products, we also offer a wide range of services and accessories. We are your partner in the areas of product development, digitalization, logistics and project implementation.

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Tobias Rüber

Tobias Rüber

Sales PVC & special products