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We think long-term.
That is why we plan sustainably.

Our major goal is to always develop the WKT sustainably. In doing so, we not only want to pay attention to the economic efficiency of our actions, but also consider and promote the social and ecological dimensions of our value creation processes. It is our responsibility not only to satisfy the needs of the current generation, but also to ensure that future generations have the same or even better opportunities to achieve their own goals. Therefore, we want to constantly optimise our use of resources and fulfil our social responsibility towards our stakeholders.


Sustainability report

Focus on customer needs,
quality as a matter of course.

Genuine appreciation, real cohesion, above-average commitment.

Firmly rooted in Sprockhövel,
at home in international markets.

Long-term success instead of short-term profit.

Internally driven, sustainable and future-oriented,
in all facets.

Sustainability through quality and durability

We are proud to develop and manufacture products of the best quality. Just how robust our products are is reflected in the low complaint rate. This not only benefits our customers, who rely on a long-term solution, but it is also resource-saving and ecologically valuable.

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Ecological, socially responsible, economical.
Sustainability taken a step further.

Ecological: Our goal is energy efficiency and the associated sustainable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We ensure this through continuous optimisation. In 2014, we introduced an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. Measures resulting from this range from the conservation of released thermal energy from our production to the purchase of green electricity, recycling and environmentally friendly waste disposal to e-mobility and the environmental friendliness of our products themselves. We are far from finished, but continue on this ecologically sustainable path every day.

Socially responsible: We declare our full support for the protection and strengthening of human rights and ensure that all quality standards and industry obligations, as well as applicable national and international law, are adhered to at WKT. At the same time, we are also fully committed to humanity within our company. Our goal is to offer workplaces where employees feel comfortable and motivated to be productive. 

Economically: We also want to grow economically in a sustainable and lasting way. Our way to achieve this is through genuine, long-term partnerships, mutually beneficial relationships, high-quality work and, last but not least, the two points mentioned above. We are firmly convinced that sooner or later no company will be able to prove itself in competition if it does not also act in an ecologically and socially sustainable manner.

Ecological sustainability

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Social sustainability

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