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Social sustainability

Education and health promotion

Continuous learning and health are basic needs of all people. In particular, the training activities and regular further education offers (e.g. energy scout, IT, language or technology training) for all employees correspond to our claim to provide society with versatile development opportunities. WKT also offers sports, exercise and nutrition counselling and a financing model for bicycles.

These and other offers are summarised in the WKT employee programme "WE".


Employee programme "WE"

For human rights, against corruption

We declare our full support for the protection and strengthening of human rights and ensure that all quality standards and industry commitments, as well as applicable national and international law, are adhered to at WKT.

Furthermore, WKT condemns all forms of corruption, extortion and bribery. We are convinced that transparency, honest communication, partnership and fairness are the main pillars of long-term success. To this end, any applicable data protection obligations are of course also respected and implemented at WKT.


Good and safe working conditions

WKT's most important asset is its employees. The shareholder family is proud of the positive cooperation in the company, which is based on excellent teamwork and a strong identification with the company. You can always rely on the WKT team!

In order to maintain this good atmosphere, great importance is attached to maintaining good and, above all, safe working conditions. The aim is to offer workplaces where employees feel comfortable and are motivated to be productive. Equality between men and women is a matter of course for us. Diversity is a top priority at WKT and leaves no room for discrimination.

Co-determination and legal protection

The proper representation of our employees is always guaranteed. Since the company was founded, the works council has done a special job in this regard.

Through regular consultations and constructive cooperation between the employee representatives and the management, the further development of all employees and applicable employee rights are constantly taken into account and promoted. As a medium-sized company, equal opportunities for all employees are important to us.