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The versatility of industrial pipes: A look at PVC-U/-C pressure & ventilation pipes from WKT

Pipe systems are a decisive factor in the world of industrial production and supply. They form the backbone of many processes and ensure the smooth flow of energy, liquids, gases and air. In order to keep processes running reliably, the requirements and quality standards for plastic pipes are particularly high and demand enormous adaptability in a wide range of industrial applications.


Find out here how we at WKT try to meet these requirements and how we support the industry in the best possible way, especially with our PVC-U and PVC-C pressure and ventilation pipes!

Today's industry without pipe systems? - Unthinkable!

Pipe systems are indispensable components in a wide range of industries, including the chemical industry, food processing, water supply and many more. They are used to transport materials safely, support processes and control environments. Various factors such as pressure and temperature resistance, chemical resistance and longevity are crucial properties to optimally support industrial projects.


The material from which our industrial pipes are made

PVC is the right keyword here! The raw material is a thermoplastic that is produced by the polymerization of vinyl chloride. A basic distinction is made here between the two materials PVC-U and PVC-C: Two different types of plastic that we use at WKT to manufacture industrial pressure and ventilation pipes. PVC-U stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (U = unplasticized), while PVC-C stands for post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride.

PVC-U is robust, chemically resistant and well suited to applications that have to withstand high pressure, such as in drinking water supplies. PVC-C, on the other hand, offers a higher temperature resistance of > 60°C to 90 °C due to post-chlorination and is ideal for environments with aggressive chemicals, such as in chemical production. The raw materials we use are certified to the highest standards and are closely monitored and externally tested throughout the entire production process in order to meet the high quality standards.  

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the possibility of producing special dimensions and articles from the material is limitless. The simple and precise processing, the individual determination of the colouring and the possible modification of the raw material properties (e.g. UV stabilization or impact resistance) make the PVC pipe a versatile all-rounder for a variety of other areas of application, such as an obstacle bar in equestrian sports, as a filter element or as a packaging material.

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May we introduce: The PVC industry guarantors from WKT

PVC-U pressure pipes: Robust and versatile

Used under high pressure, our PVC-U pressure pipes are a reliable product solution in drinking water supply, agriculture, the chemical industry and much more. The lightweight material is easy to handle and, in addition to its long service life, requires comparatively little maintenance, making the product an efficient component of industrial projects.

PVC-C pressure pipes: Durable and reliable

Post-chlorination makes the PVC-C pressure pipe particularly suitable for applications in demanding environments with temperatures of up to 90°C or with aggressive chemicals. In the chemical industry or waste gas purification, PVC-C pressure pipes are therefore reliable solutions for critical applications where durability and resistance are required.

PVC-U ventilation ducts: Safe and resistant

Lightweight, easy to install and particularly resistant to moisture and corrosion, PVC-U ventilation ducts are a high-performance component for ventilation systems in buildings and industrial facilities. This ensures efficient air flow within buildings while creating a healthy and comfortable environment.

PVC-C ventilation ducts: Resistant and durable

PVC-C also ensures greater resistance to temperatures and chemical substances in ventilation ducts. These properties make PVC-C ventilation ducts ideal for demanding environments, such as in exhaust gas purification, electroplating and chemical production. The product ensures efficient air flow and guarantees long-term resistance in demanding systems.

Sustainability and environmental compatibility

"Seeing the future through our pipes" is a statement that we at WKT try to incorporate into all our processes and products. PVC-U and PVC-C are recyclable materials that have a long service life and enormous elasticity and can be recycled at the end of their useful life. For example, the plasticizer-free PVC-U pipe can be 100% recycled even after many years in the drinking water supply. In addition, the extremely smooth inner surface results in less friction and the low weight of the PVC pipes makes them easy to transport. Compared to traditional materials such as steel or concrete, we want our products to contribute to reducing the ecological footprint.


WKT's industrial pipes are an efficient solution for a wide range of industrial applications. Our decades of development guarantee flawless products that meet the high quality standards and requirements of the industry. The enormous selection of different fittings also enables particularly easy handling and at the same time a technically mature system that does not shy away from comparison in the price/performance sector. With our PVC-U/C pressure and ventilation pipes, we want to support the industry as a high-performance partner and make industrial processes safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

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