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We think around the bend

We always have the specific application of our products in mind. A whole system requires not only good quality pipes. These are not only planned strictly straight ahead, but you also have to think regularly around the bend! Optimal fittings for every requirement are therefore firmly in our repertory. We think in terms of the whole system and therefore offer pipes and fittings from a single source - an all-round service based on many years of experience. Our certified fittings programme covers the plastics PE, PE-RT, PA and PVC-U.

Fittings for your individual wishes and requirements


All fittings are available at short notice. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you in detail about our entire range, provide you with documents and give you technical advice.

  • Seamless bends
  • Pressure class-compliant fittings (e.g. elbows, tees, branches and reducers)
  • Welded fittings (e.g. elbows, tees and branches)
  • Flange connections (e.g. welding neck collars, loose flanges and special flanges)
  • Hydrant connaections
  • Transitions, fixed points and screw connections (e.g. transition sleeves, connections for stoneware and transition adapters PE/brass or steel)
  • Clamp fittings (e.g. couplings, transition adapters with threads, elbows, T-pieces and ball valves)
  • Electroformed parts (e.g. electro sockets, elbows, elbows, T-pieces, T-pieces and flanges)
  • Drawing heads
  • Pressed bends with special radii (R ≥ 5,000 mm)
  • Transition pieces with a pitch of 2°
  • Electric sockets in SDR 11 and 17 up to d 450 mm
  • End caps
  • Butt weld fittings (e.g. bends, T-pieces, reducers and nozzles)
  • Transition adapters PA/steel
  • Electroformed parts (e.g. electric sockets)
  • Bends, elbows, tees and branches
  • Sockets, reducers and caps
  • Flange connections (e.g. flanged bushings and loose flanges)
  • Transitions and screw connections (e.g. reductions with connection to metal or plastic threads)
  • Fittings with plastic threads (e.g. elbows, T-pieces and caps) 
  • Ball valves and valves

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