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Welding & bonding

Often, a plastic product that WKT processes further consists of several components.  We can weld and/or glue these together and thus provide a ready-to-use end product. This ensures that the product can be used quickly and without complications, for example at the construction site. Our customer then no longer handles just a plastic pipe, but a processed special product composed of various components.


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Reality shows: you can't just plan pipes strictly straight ahead, you also have to think regularly around the bend! Optimal fittings for every requirement are therefore an integral part of our product range.

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Service & accessories

In addition to our high-quality products, we also offer a wide range of services and accessories. We are your partner in the areas of product development, digitalization, logistics and project implementation.

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Tobias Rüber

Tobias Rüber

Sales PVC & special products